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Palm Garden

Palm Garden

The Satake Headquarter 'crystal' building was completed in 1994 and includes a substantial 'palm house' conservatory at the entrance. In this conservatory are housed 78 varieties, 230 specimens of precious palms and cycads, which were collected by "Doctor of Palm", the late Toshihiko Satake.

Palm Garden

Palm Museum

In addition, a nearby Palm Museum and Library is used to exhibit and store 500 varieties of palm seed, rare literature and memorabilia related to the subject.
There are many interesting things to see. Let us introduce some of the show pieces, which you can see if you join the 'Palm World'.

Palm Museum

Coconut Pearl

"Coconut Pearl"

The coconut pearl can form in the endosperm of the coconut in rare circumstances. It is estimated that only one pearl forms in every seven hundred and fifty thousand coconuts and they are rarely discovered when removing the endosperm as food. This example was exhibited in Osaka City in 1990 at an exposition for flowers and greenery.

Literature for Palm

"Literature for Palm"

This magnificent folio was drawn and painted by hand between 1823 and 1850 by a well-known artist who was commissioned by the Italian government. Only two sets were produced, one of which is here in our conservatory and the other is held by the British Museum in London.

Specimen of Palm Crab

"Specimen of Palm Crab"

The Palm Crab is found in Okinawa Island, where it is eaten as a food. It belongs to the hermit crab family and has a habit of climbing trees and eating coconuts. As a result, it has been given this common name.

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