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Research Mill

Satake sees its investment in research and development as the driving force behind the Company's success. Over 300 engineers conduct research at the R&D Division in Hiroshima. The Company holds over 2,200 patents.
In the autumn of 1994, the President of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, His Imperial Highness Prince Hitachi and Her Imperial Highness Princess Hitachi, honored Satake by a visit in which the Company was able to present its leading edge technology products reflecting the Company's focus on R&D programs.
Satake's basic R&D concept is to improve customer satisfaction by shifting from macro-technology, where rice is considered as a whole, to micro-technology, where rice kernels are individually recognized.
Now the Company is challenging nano-technology, which is related to agricultural chemicals, bacteria and components of grains.
To conduct research and development for flour milling plants, the Company owns a R&D facility for grain processes named Crystal Laboratory and a research mill, which is unique in the industry.

Crystal Laboratory

Crystal Laboratory

The Crystal Laboratory was built as an R&D space for creating new values for both customers and for Satake with the concept of joint development with the customers. There are a main facility and ten special laboratories which are considered to be at the top level in the world in the grain processing field.

Universal Transportation System

In the universal transportation system, the machines are three-dimensionally arranged and conveying boxes containing grain are automatically transported to the planned position for preventing contamination by foreign varieties and impurities and also for minimizing damage to the individual grains. The Cooking Test Facility and the Secondary Processing Test Facility are also located in the Main Test Facility.

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