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Scope of Business

1.Rice Sector

In publications on rice milling technology anywhere in the world, you will come across the name Satake. All over the world Satake has become synonymous with rice milling.

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2.Flour Sector

In 1996 Satake launched its new PeriTec system for the debranning of vulgare wheat for flour milling and durum wheat for pasta semolina production. The process combined the company's know-how across the cereal sectors and it capitalized on Satake's unrivalled experience in developing specialist equipment and processes for milling rice over the past 100 years. Since its launch PeriTec has steadily gained market acceptance in various regions, especially with customers intent on milling of premium products.

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3.Food Sector

Satake has made headway into the foodstuffs sector by directly producing and marketing processed rice products.

Cooked and Packed Rice [GABA-RAKUMESHI]

Produced with a system that uses Satake's original pressurized microwave heating technology, Rakumeshi is packed rice with a lustrous and firm exterior and a sticky interior.

Instant Rice

"Magic Rice" is a new type of instant rice. Tasty cooked rice is readily prepared by pouring hot water over it. Since it can be stored for long periods and is easily cooked, it is widely used for outdoor living, emergency foods and institutional use.

Emergency Food

Cooked rice can be prepared in a time of disaster. A set for the distribution of cooked rice is also available.

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4.Environmental System Sector

Satake hopes to contribute to a sustainable society by developing a series of new environmental technologies, including composting plants, biomass power generation plants, and biomass briquetting and pelletizing plants.

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5.Industrial Machinery Sector

Satake has developed a motor having a high torque during starting and consuming less amperage than ordinary motors. Satake has been developing various industrial machines utilizing this motor.

Satake Induction Motor [SIM]

The brake compressors of the E5 Series bullet trains on the Tohoku Shinkansen are now powered by Satake's SIM Motor. Satake's motor has proven its effectiveness in installations overseas as well as domestic private railways and other branches of the Japan Railways Group.

Fire Extinguishing Pump

In high rise skyscrapers, where reliable and responsive fire extinguishing, power generation and air circulation systems are essential, Satake motors are widely used. These motors have been installed in many buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, and various public facilities throughout Japan, including Roppongi Hills.

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