Rice Analysis Service

What's rice analysis?

Rice is a perishable food. To secure tasty rice, rice analysis is performed at Satake.

Analysis turnaround time

Within 7 business days after receiving samples

Acceptable samples

Brown rice, milled rice, and rinse-free rice

Required quantities of grain

More than 500g

Details of analysis service

Moisture Standard Moisture Meter: PB-1D3 (Kett), Infrared Moisture Meter: FD-610 (Kett)
Whiteness Whiteness Milling Meter: MM1D (Satake), Whiteness meter: C-600 (Kett)
Turbidity Turbidity Meter: M-204 (Noda tsushin)
Broken grains Testing Rice Grader: TRG05B (Satake)
Dimensional weight

Dimensional weight Weigh to volume balance

Internal cracked grains Grain Scope: TX-200 (Satake)
Cracked rice during soak

Cracked rice during soak may cause discharge of starch and bad texture after cooking.

% of rice with remained germ

2g of sample is visually analyzed and the percentage of rice with remained germ is calculated.

Other varieties of grains

20g x 5 sets are visually classified and the percentage of other grains in 100g is calculated.

Optional analysis

Freshness Freshness Freshness Meter: RFDM1B (Satake) *
Grain appearance Grain appearance Rice Inspection Equipment: RGQI90A (Satake) *
Protein composition analysis SDS Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
Microbe analysis

Viable bacterium, thermally resistant bacterium, fungus, coliform group, bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus etc. are analyzed.

*…Short grain only