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Satake Introduces “Suisogaku,” A Single-Unit IH Cooker

May 8, 2007

May 8, 2007

Satake Introduces “Suisogaku,” A Single-Unit IH Cooker

Cook Quality Steamed Rice at the Touch of a Button


On May 11, 2007, Satake developed “Suisogaku,” a machine that can cook up to 7kg of rice at a time.

Suisogaku is a Single Unit IH Rice Cooker which brings the professional technology of a large-scale rice cooking factory into a local shop. It can cook various types of rice in batches to deliver the best possible flavor.

1. Quality Cooking : Suisogaku uses the same professional rice cooking technology used by large-scale rice cooking factories to cook any type of rice. The amount of heat used is based on the material being cooked.

2. Round-Bottom Rice Kettle: This machine uses a round-bottom rice kettle. Heat is controlled independently at both the bottom and the sides of the rice kettle. The machine promotes convection within the rice kettle to maximize the quality of cooked rice.

3. Easy Operation: Select an item on the touch panel and push the start button to operate the machine. Become a professional rice cook at the touch of a button.

(1)Model : MIH070V1
(2)Cooking Capacity : 7kg/kettle (max.)
(3)Rated Power : 10kW (3 phase)
(4)Net Weight : 92kg
(5)Dimensions : W710mm,D710mm,H713mm

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