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“Transfer” Seminar for Rice Milling Machinery in Myanmar

September 22, 2017

September 22, 2017

“Transfer” Seminar for Rice Milling Machinery in Myanmar

To Increase the Market Share in Local Cities

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Satake has started to hold the rice milling machinery seminar for owners of rice mills in local cities in cooperation with the sales partner “Adipati” (Location: Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar) using a truck along with a display.

After establishing the civilian government in 2011, Myanmar has continued as one of the best economic growth areas in Asia due to economic deregulation and rapid increased investment by foreign companies. In May 2016, Adipati opened its showroom displaying Satake products in order to strengthen sales functions in mainly urban areas.

As a new challenge, we have started to hold the “Transfer” seminar for owners of rice mills in local cities using a mobile basic rice milling system built onto a truck. Until now, we used the customers’ factories to hold seminars, inviting local neighborhood customers when available. If there were no customers in the area, it was difficult to secure a location for any seminar. The “transfer” seminar therefore requires no particular place to install the machines, so we can positively use it to increase the market share in local cities.

In May 2017, we held the 4th seminar in Rakhine State, performing demonstrations and introducing the latest rice milling machinery for 100 people. Our presentations were geared to appeal to our products’ features e.g high quality and after-sales service. It met well with the customers’ requirements to produce high quality rice in small-scale rice mills and we received orders for 5 units, ending the seminar on a high note.

Our future sales strategy in Myanmar is reflected by one of our employees “We have installed products to more than 90% of large-scale rice mills in Myanmar. According to the current high quality mindset, small and medium scale rice mills in local cities which were not main targets for us have started to require our products. We would like to increase the market share of products related mainly to rice appearance quality such as the rice milling machine and rice polishing machine.”



About Adipati

Company Name: Adipati Agricultural Produce Trading Limited
Address: Satsan(12) compound, Upper Pazundaung Road, Mingalar Taung Nyunt
Township, Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Representative Person: Mr. Thein Toe

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