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Satake's Pikasen Well Received in Australia

August 23, 2017

August 23, 2017

Satake's Pikasen Well Received in Australia

Optical Sorter for Premium Coffee Fans


Penrith, Australia; August 8, 2017 - Australian’s love and passion for fresh coffee is well known around the globe. Initially influenced by the southern European immigrants, especially Italians, in the early 20th century, unique coffee culture and industry in the Australia have continuously grown. People are looking for quality coffee at the specialty coffee shops more than ever, and demand for quality coffee beans has increased.

This year, Satake exhibited its optical sorter, Pikasen (FMS2000-F), at the Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition (MICE 2017) for the first time. Geared towards the industry, MICE 2017 was a great success packed with coffee fanatics. During this 3 day event, Satake booth attracted over 500 visitors with its sorting demonstration. By its shape recognition technology and full color camera, visitors were able to see firsthand how the sorter could precisely separate unwanted materials such as foreign objects from the coffee beans at the production capacity up to 1 metric ton per hour.

Tomohiro Kodama, Satake Japan, says “for many who came to the booth it was their first time seeing the optical sorter and they were fascinated by the sorting result.”Sid Jain, Optical Sorting Sales Engineer from Satake Australia adds “our optical sorter is relatively small in size to be able to utilize at the specialty coffee roasters, distributors, or even at the coffee shop. Currently we have several customers already utilizing our technology here in Australia and I am certain that with the increase of the premium coffee market, there will be more needs for the Pikasen in the near future.”



1. About optical sorter PIKASEN (FMS2000-F)

(1) Satake Smart Sensitivity: Satake’s automatic sensitivity creation system allows the users to adjust the sort setting easily in every material.
(2) Shape Sorting: Shape Sorting enables the machine to sort the material by shape (such as broken or adhered) which conventional color sorters could not achieve.
(3) Feeder Controlled Material Supply: Feeder supply system enables fine adjustment of feeding amount.

2. Satake at MICE 2017

Satake Booth at the MICE 2017

Sid Jain welcoming visitors at Satake booth

Tomohiro Kodama showing sorting results to the visitors

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