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SATAKE Corporation releases optical sorter BELTUZA XeNO

September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016

SATAKE Corporation releases optical sorter BELTUZA XeNO

NIR sorting capability for removing inorganic foreign materials

Multi-purpose optical sorter BELTUZA XeNO

Hiroshima, Japan; September 26, 2016 - Multi-purpose optical sorter BELTUZA now has a new addition, XeNO. In addition to its full-color sorting and shape recognition technology, BELTUZA XeNO features NIR (Near Infrared) sorting, capable of removing inorganic foreign material such as stones, plastics, and glasses, regardless of their colors.

With SATAKE Smart Sensitivity and ‘smart phone’ like touch screen, accurate sensitivity setting is a stress-free task for operators. Detachable components such as vibratory feeders provide not only easy maintenance and cleaning but also flexibility to connect directly to the existing production line if desired. BELTUZA’s lower belt speed can handle a wider range of lighter products than previous models.

BELTUZA XeNO will bring new standards to the food and grain processing industry by providing higher standards to the removal of defects and foreign materials.

See attached appendix for further technical information.

About SATAKE CORPORATION:Founded in 1826 as the first motorized rice milling machine manufacturer in Japan. With its business expansion to over 150 countries worldwide, SATAKE is a leading company in grain processing systems. It’s products range from rice milling machinery, flour milling machinery, biomass gasification system, microbial analyzers for ballast water, to packaged rice for the food industry. Visit us at www.satake-group.co.jp.



Features of BELTUZA XeNO

■NIR and Full-Color Camera
Added to SATAKE’s full color sorting technology is the NIR sorting, separating foreign materials such as stones, plastics, glasses, regardless of their colors.

■Shape Recognition
Abnormal shapes such as broken and connected product can be sorted by the “Shape Recognition” technology. Less damage to the product than mechanical separation resulting in higher yield.

■SATAKE Smart Sensitivity
BELTUZA is equipped with SATKE Smart Sensitivity that can automatically create optimum sensitivity from the accept/reject samples. Combining with ‘smart phone’ like touch screen, BELTUZA provides easy and accurate set up, along with stress-free daily machine operation.

■SUS 304 Body
A stainless steel body frame and removable parts provide easy cleaning and sanitation. BELTUZA’s vibratory feeder can be removed for flexible product line layout.

■Slower Belt Speed
BELTUZA’s lower belt speed can handle lighter materials resulting in a much wider range of product handling.

■High Luminance & Color Rendering LED
High luminance and color rendering LED for accurate sorting and less maintenance.

Sorting Mechanism

Product is carefully conveyed to the optical section by a belt. Full color camera detects color and shape defects, while NIR camera detects inorganic foreign material such as stone, plastics, and glasses those have similar color as good product. All defects are removed from the streamline by the air ejectors.


Capacity *10.1~6.0 (Soybean) t/h
Subject Material *2・ Beans, Tree Nuts
・ Seeds
・ Food(Snacks, etc.)
・ Industrial Material(Recycle Plastic, etc.) 
Raw Material SupplyRemovable Electromagnetic Feeder
BeltMaterialPolyurethane(Meets Japanese Food Sanitation Law)
Effective SizeWidth:650 mm, Length:1,680 mm
OpticsCameraFull Color CCD × 4, NIR Camera × 2
LightingWhite LED × 6, NIRLED × 4
Ejector ValveQTY 136, 5 mm Pitch
Cleaning MechanismWiper, Sweeper
Power Requirement2.0kW Max.(AC200~220V Single Phase)
Air Consumption1000~1500 N?/min
Required air for dust collection10?/min
Net WeightApprox. 800 kg
Optional Parts(1)Flow Straightener (2)Reject chute with dust collector (3)Heater
(4)Blower (5)Buffer Sheet for Accept chute

*1 Sorting performance varies depending on variety and contamination of material.
*2 May not be able to sort due to the characteristics of material.

Dimensions (mm)

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