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Satake Exhibits at FOOMA JAPAN 2016

May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Satake Exhibits at FOOMA JAPAN 2016

Displaying and Demonstrating Latest Models Including Sorting Machines and Processing Equipment

Satake Booth at FOOMA JAPAN 2015

Satake will exhibit at “FOOMA JAPAN 2016”, held from June 7th to 10th at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight).

FOOMA is the industry’s largest food processing trade show in Japan, and is attended by companies involved in every stage of the food production process. The show, hosted by the Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association, is in its 39th year.

Under the theme “Creating People Having Energy and Motivation by Rice Power” Satake will exhibit and demonstrate five different groups of machinery and poster panels.

In the group for optical sorters that promote food safety and reliability, the multipurpose chute type optical sorter, “PIKASEN α PLUS?”, which can be applicable for many kinds of commodities using shape sorting functionality and the multipurpose belt type optical sorter, which has near-infrared light sorting capabilities (as a concept exhibition), will be demonstrated.

In the group for grain conditioning and processing machinery that enhance taste, the new rice milling machine “Mill Combo?”, which allows suitable milling performance according to the characteristic features and purpose of the input material will be exhibited along with the new weighing and packing machine, which demonstrates a superior packing capacity at 10 bags / min with user-friendly operation (as a concept exhibition).

In the group for test equipment, analytical services and sorting along with processing test services for monitoring quality assurance, the DNA analyzer, which provides quick and simple judgement to identify rice variety will be demonstrated along with the scanning grain analyzer “Grain Scanner 2”, which measures appearance color and shape of input material. Also, the new grain analyzer, offering enhanced computer connectivity through wireless LAN, will be exhibited.

In the group for cooking and food processing machinery that serve tasty rice, the IH rice cooker and rice washer will be demonstrated. In the group for Tasty and value-added food and kitchen products that promote a more active people, the “rinse-free GABA rice” (a food with function claims) will be exhibited. Also the kitchen mill “Magic Mill? GABA Mill?”, capable of easily making rice rich in GABA, will also be demonstrated.

Satake’s booth is in East-4 Hall (Booth No. 4W-10). The booth is open from 10:00 to 17:00.

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