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Satake Exhibits at 5th Plastic Japan

March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Satake Exhibits at 5th Plastic Japan

Displaying and Demonstrating Machines for Plastic Pellets

Belt-type optical sorting machine"Pellet Sorter DS"

Satake will exhibit at "5th Plastic Japan" inside "Highly-functional Material World 2016" held from April 6th to 8th at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight), hosted by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

"Highly-functional Material World 2016" is an exhibition held in Japan for material industry like film, plastic, combined materials and metal. Satake will be exhibiting products from its industrial machinery sector, including optical sorting machines and equipment related to the industrial processing of plastics and plastic pellets.

This time, a new optical sorting machine - the "Pellet Sorter DS" as well as the new "PIKASEN α (alpha) PLUS" will be available for demonstration. The "Pellet Sorter DS" is suited to checking the plastic pellet raw materials from two sides, and gives highly accurate sorting. The "PIKASEN α PLUS" is also equipped a shape sorting function, which has the ability to remove non-defective product of the same color by means of its shape. This is a versatile optical sorting machine for a wide range of materials.

Also, in addition to the actual exhibition of plastic pellet washing machine and plastic pellet surface treatment machine, Satake will also display poster presentations such as optical sorting machine "BELTUZA" and the recycled resin manufacturing system.

Satake's booth is in East-5 Hall (Booth E12-6). The booth is open from 10:00 to 18:00 (10:00 to 17:00 on final day). (For an overview of the exhibition machines, please refer to the attachment.)


Exhibition contents to the "5th Plastic Japan"

Exhibition Model / MethodProduct SummaryAppearance
Belt-type optical sorting machine
"Pellet Sorter DS"
(New products)

?Demonstration exhibition ?
Dual cameras ensure that input raw material can be checked from both sides during sorting. One-stage belt-type plastic pellet optical sorting machine, compact design. With a resolution of 0.06mm, it can see even the smallest surface speck or contamination. High purity and high quality product is obtained.
Chute-type optical sorting machine
(New products)

?Demonstration exhibition ?
With automatic calibration curve capability, enabling quick and easy sorting of good-defective product, corresponding to the various raw materials. Shape sorting function is also installed, enabling product of the same color to be screened based on differences in product shape.
Plastic pellet washing machine

?Actual exhibition?
Enabling plastic pellets contaminated with dusty surface matter to be washed, cleaned and dried in one machine. Leaves easy to sort plastic pellet raw material. Easy installation due to convenient compact design.
Plastic pellet surface treatment machine

?Actual exhibition?
Polishes the surface of the plastic pellet on pellet friction. Wide application from surface polishing of waste plastic to prevention of fusion of virgin pellet. Automatic control of the load, automatic operation is also possible.
Optical sorting machine
[Panel exhibition]
"BELTUZA" is a versatile belt-type full-color optical sorting machine equipped with shape sorting function.
Recycled resin manufacturing system
[Panel exhibition]
Suggests a system for surface dirt and bumper coating removal from waste plastics. Contributing to the recycling in office automation equipment, automotive and consumer electronics industries.

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