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Satake Makes Courtesy Call to Myanmar Minister of Commerce

December 17, 2014

December 17, 2014

Satake Makes Courtesy Call to Myanmar Minister of Commerce

Sets Forth Cooperation with Myanmar Government for Promoting Quality Rice Production

On December 3rd, Kazuyuki Kihara (Senior Managing Director of Satake Corporation) and Shoichi Tanaka (President of Satake (Thailand) Co. Ltd.) made a courtesy call to Myanmar Minister of Commerce and indicated technical cooperation with Myanmar for the production of quality rice, which the Myanmar Government has been promoting.

At the Ministry of Commerce with the Minister of Commerce

The Myanmar Government has a keen interest in exporting rice to Africa and South East Asia to acquire foreign currency, and has set a national goal to increase rice exports from 1 million tons to 5 million by 2018.

Satake’s rice milling machines are highly regarded in the Myanmar market for product rice quality. The machines have increased in use not only in large scale rice mill plants but also in small and medium size rice mills. Satake made a courtesy call to the Minister of Commerce to strengthen relations with the Myanmar Government. Satake has set forth on technical cooperation with its Government for quality rice production, and indicated that a Technical Training Center for Customers will be opened at Satake (Thailand) Co. Ltd.. His Excellency the Minister of Commerce, U Win Myint, recognized that Satake has focused on after-sale services for rice milling customers including providing technical training and expressed his interest in the Technical Training Center.

Left : Shoichi Tanaka (President of Satake Thailand),
3rd from Left : Kazuyuki Kihara (Senior Managing Director of Satake)
Middle : His Excellency the Minster of Commerce, U Win Myint
3rd from Right : the Vice Minister of Commerce, Dr. Pwint San

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