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Bangladesh Representative Office Starts Full Scale Operation

December 17, 2014

December 17, 2014

Bangladesh Representative Office Starts Full Scale Operation

To Increase Awareness of Satake and Satake Customer Satisfaction in its Country

A representative office in Bangladesh established by Satake India Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (abbrev. SIE) in September starts full scale operation.

SIE was established in 2006 to develop sales promotions in India and neighboring markets. While SIE has promoted to Bangladesh since then, it recently established a representative office in Bogra, Bangladesh in September 2014 to assist. Bangladesh has the 4th largest rice production and has a different language and religion from India.

SIE sells a series of rice milling machines, such as paddy huskers, rice milling machines and optical sorters. The representative office gathers information and conducts public relation activities to improve awareness of Satake and Satake’s customer satisfaction.

Detail of the Representative Office in Bangladesh
  1. Name :Satake India Engineering Bangladesh Representative Office
  2. Address :Bidg. No.793/A, Shahid Khokon Sarak,Jaleshwaritala, Bogra 5800, Bangladesh
  3. Established:September 2014

Location of Bangladesh Representative Office

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