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Rice Drying, Storing, Husking and Milling Plant in Indonesia Completed

October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014

Rice Drying, Storing, Husking and Milling Plant in Indonesia Completed

On September 7, the Opening Ceremony was Held for a Rice Milling Plant that Produces High Quality Rice.

Satake completed a rice milling plant with drying facility and storage silos for a major Indonesian rice milling company, “PT. Lumbung Padi Indonesia” (hereinafter LPI), holding the opening ceremony on September 7.

With the Minister of Agriculture at the Opening Ceremony

To promote the rice milling project, LPI began the construction plan for the drying, storing, husking and rice milling plant (hereinafter “this plant”) in 2008 and carefully studied proposals from seven plant manufacturers from seven countries, including Satake. In 2012, they concluded that Satake was superior in total engineering capacity and had the best proposal, which suggests better quality, productivity, stability and profitability. On March 29, 2013, we concluded a contract.

The installation work began in March 2014, and the opening ceremony was held on September 7, 2014. Ms. Fara Luwia (President of LPI), Mr. Suswono (Minister of Agriculture), Mr. Saifullah (Vice Govenor of Jawa Timur), Mr. Shindo (Minister of Japanese Embassy’s in Indonesia) and Mr. Kihara (Senior Managing Director of Satake) attended the ceremony.

This plant utilizes Satake’s state-of-the-art machinery, from drying and storage to husking, milling and packing, making it possible to control quality and operations from receiving wet paddy to delivering milled rice products. It is expected that this plant produces high quality rice with consistency and efficiency.

Satake intends to promote this plant as the flagship rice mill in Indonesia, to develop the market and accelerate improving rice quality in Indonesia.

Note) From left, Ms. Fara Luwia President of LPI, Rachmat Gobel (President Commissioner of LPI), Mr. Saifullah (Vice Govenor of Jawa Timur), Mr. Suswono (Minister of Agriculture), Mr. Mustofa Mojokerto (Deputy Mayor), Mr. Shindo (Minister of Japanese Embassy in Indonesia), and Mr. Kihara (Senior Managing Director of Satake)


Outline of LPI Rice Milling Plant in Indonesia
  1. Name of Project: LPI Mojokerto (Satake Drying, Storing, Husking and Rice Milling Plant)
  2. Company: PT. Lumbung Padi Indonesia (President Director: Ms. Fara Luwia)
  3. Place of Plant: Mojokerto, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
  4. Capacity: Drying 500 t/d on law paddy
    Storing 16,000 t (4,000 t x 4 units for dried paddy)
    Husking 15 t/h on paddy
    Rice milling 12 t/h on brown rice
    Mixing Rice 10.8 t/h on white rice
    Packing 25 t/h
  5. Scope of Supply: All systems including receiving, pre-cleaning, drying, storing, husking, rice milling, optical sorting, packing
  6. Contract date: March 29, 2012
  7. Start of Installation: March 2014
  8. Date of Opening Ceremony: September 7, 2014

Exterior of Plant

Full View of Husking Section

Full View of Rice Milling Section

Optical Sorting Section

Opening Ceremony

Capital Jakarta and Mojokerto

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