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High Capacity Continuous Type “Bean Cleaner” Released

May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

High Capacity Continuous Type “Bean Cleaner” Released

For higher quality product with less time, labor and cost

Satake launches “Bean Cleaner”, a machine that removes dust and dirt from the surface of beans, on June 1st.
It is a high capacity continuous type machine suitable for bean drying and processing facilities

Bean Cleaner
Bean Cleaner

There are situations where dust and dirt adheres to the bean surface from harvesting and berry dropping process. Bean processers used to remove this dust and dirt after drying. Typical machines used for bean cleaning are small with a capacity less than 1 ton per hour. They are installed off-line, separate from the main processing line, and require a regular operator in the most cases.

The new bean cleaner has a 2 tons per hour capacity and can be installed in the processing line. It does not require a regular operator lowering cost of processing. The cleaner uses edible tapioca pearls for polishing. Because tapioca pearls can repeatedly be used unlike corn cobs used in the typical bean cleaning machines, the cost of the polishing agent can be reduced by 1/6.


Bean Cleaner BWS20A
1. Features
(1) Labor Saving
It can be installed in the main processing line and can be operated continuously, without
requiring a regular operator.
(2) Polishing Agent Cost Reduction
Reusable tapioca is used as the polishing agent. The cost of polishing agent can be
saved by 1/6 compared to conventional cleaning machines that use disposable corn cobs.
(3) Better product Appearance
The new Bean Cleaner processes beans in two stages: dry process and wet process.
It cleans the bean surface efficiently with very little water.
2. Process Flow

Process Flow

 1st stage : Beans and tapioca is mixed to remove dust on the bean surface.
 2nd stage : Beans, tapioca and very little water is mixed to remove dirt adhered to its surface.

3. Specifications


VarietySoybean, Azuki Bean, Tebo Bean
Moisture Content
(weight basis)
15% and lower
Processing Capacity1.6~2.0 t/h
Power Source3 phase 200V (50/60Hz)
Required Power19.9kW
Required WaterTap water : 16~20L/h
Amount of tapioca to add3.2~4.0t/h
Amount of fuel RequiredKerosene 3~4L/h
Required Suction ※255m3/min and over

※1 Materials should not contain branch and cod
※2 Static pressure : 2.2kPa

3. Dimensions (unit : mm)

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