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40th Anniversary of the Release of the Oscillating Paddy Husker “Rice Master”

January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

40th Anniversary of the Release of the Oscillating Paddy Husker “Rice Master”

User-friendly and High Efficiency Widely Accepted by Farmers

Satake marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the Oscillating Paddy Husker “Rice Master”, first developed in 1974.

Latest Machine “New Rice Master (NRZ type)”

The mechanization of paddy husking was developed through individual processes: paddy husking (stripping the husk on paddy), husk aspiration (winnowing the husk from brown rice), and paddy separating (separating brown rice from paddy). In the 1930’s, a paddy husker that combined those processes was first developed. In 1960’s, the gravity flow type paddy husker which uses two rubber rolls for paddy husking and slanted screens which use piano wires for paddy separating was mainstream. However, it was so difficult to adjust the machine, skills competitions were held at that time.

In 1959, Satake developed the revolutionary oscillating separator. The indented plates separate paddy and brown rice by their difference in specific gravity, friction coefficient and size. The Farmers’ Oscillating Paddy Husker “Rice Master (SPS type)” incorporated this oscillating separation, and was first launched in 1974. The price was about twice that of other companies’ machines using piano wires, but sales steadily increased until it achieved widespread adoption.

Overtime, efficiency, footprint and user-friendliness improved. In 1993, “Gourmet Master (GPS type)” using a simple slide lever, and in 2002 “New Rice Master (NPS type)” using an automatic roll gap control system were developed. In October 2013, the latest machine “New Rice Master (NRZ type)” using the touch panel like an tablet was released. For 40 years, oscillating paddy huskers dominated the market. Total sales of Satake’s oscillating paddy huskers is about five hundred thousand units, about 50% market share. We thank customers for choosing Satake.


Satake’s Oscillating Paddy Huskers

[1] Rice Master SPS type in 1974

(1) This paddy husker used the world’s first oscillating separation system.
(2) Easy operation (It does not require technical skill. Anyone can operate it.)

[2] Rice Master HPS type in 1978

(1) Roll-around with wheels.
(2) High performance (gear type without power loss for high efficient husking)

[3] Rice Master APS type in 1984

(1) Low price, light weight, compact
(2) Easy operation (no need to adjust the angle of the sorting plate)

[4] Gourmet Master GPS type in 1993

(1) High performance, compact
(2) Easy operation (simple slide lever)
(3) Easy maintenance
(4) Silent

[5] New Rice Master NPS type in 2002

(1) Automatic roll gap control
(2) Embedded motor protective circuit
(3) Compact design for flexible installation
(4) Three wheels for easy moving.

[6] New Rice Master NRZ type in 2013

(1) Touch panel indicates users when and how to operate.
(2) Transparent sling tank for mixed rice bucket elevator with a new level sensor

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