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Multi-Purpose Grain Cleaner Released

January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014

Multi-Purpose Grain Cleaner Released

A Grain Cleaner for Rice and Wheat Which Can be Used Any Stage in Country Elevator

Satake released the multi-purpose grain cleaner for country elevators on January 6.

Grain Cleaner PH3000A

Recently, agricultural production cost reduction has become an issue as part of agricultural management framework reinforcement and country elevators are required to reduce their initial and operating costs.

At drying, conditioning and storing facilities like country elevators, pre-cleaners remove large impurities like straw from paddy, dryers reduce moisture down to a moisture level suitable for storage, and cleaners remove immature paddy and husked grain. Cleaned paddy is stored in the storing facility until it is shelled and shipped.

The new grain cleaner can remove both straws and immature paddy (and husked grain) simply by replacing the sorting screens*. Conventionally, a pre-cleaner and cleaner are separately installed. This new machine performs both roles, and reduces initial and maintenance cost with a smaller footprint. The sorting screens can be replaced by opening the rear hatches. The screens are constantly cleaned by brushes.

* Optional screens are required to switch grain cleaner from original function to another.

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