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Satake Releases the "Leg Aspirator"

September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007

Satake Releases the "Leg Aspirator"

Easily sort light foreign materials like hair and lint with wind power

Leg Aspirator (SLA720SA)

On September 10, 2007, Satake Corporation released the “Leg Aspirator,” which sorts light foreign materials with wind power (aspiration).

Satake has long supplied sorters*(1) to all food-related industries, focusing primarily on grains.
Now, Satake is marketing a low-cost aspirator with a simple, space-saving design.
This aspirator is ideal for sorting light foreign materials from rice, wheat, corn, and beans, and even pasta or dried food.
Light foreign materials such as hair, lint, slips of paper, dust and sand, cannot be effectively removed using optical sorters, de-stoners, or rotary sifters.
Combining the leg aspirator with Satake optical sorters delivers a geometric increase in sorting efficiency and security, providing greater food safety and peace of mind.
The machine body is made entirely from stainless steel (an industry first*(2)) and can be washed with water.
Satake expects to sell 40 machines per year to food processing companies.

*(1) optical sorters, gravity separators, etc.

*(2) By Satake Corporation's research as of August, 2007
A model made from conventional steel is also available.

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