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Little Water

December 1, 2021

December 1, 2021

Little Water


Cześć! (Hello!)

This is greeting friends in Polish. When I was doing a Master's degree at Hiroshima University, I studied biology at Warsaw Agricultural University in Poland for one year through exchange program. It was 20 years ago and I experienced many good things there.

I lived in a student dormitory. This was not my choice and the university's arrangement. All students who lived in this dormitory were Polish and I was an only student from abroad. My roommate was a Polish girl and she taught me a lot of things. When I first went to Poland, I couldn't speak any Polish. I learned Polish from her and at Polish conversation class for international students. I taught her English instead because she was not good at speaking English since she didn't learn English at school.
Also, she took me to her hometown "Darłowo" during the Christmas holidays. Darłowo is located at the south coast of the Baltic Sea. It is a small town and not introduced in the travel guidebook published in Japan. The bus driver said me "I've never seen Japanese before in this town".
Polish people ate carp and go to a mass at Christmas. I was lip-syncing when people were singing a hymn.


Polish people like to party. Winter in Poland is cold, long, snowy, and it gets dark early. To stay cozy, they often have a party at home. Talking, dancing, drinking,... A party lasts late at night and vodka is absolutely essential. I was invited lots of house parties and truly enjoyed Polish culture.
The temperature drops to minus 20 degree Celsius and vodka keeps people warm. Vodka is traditionally drunk neat. It means not mixed with water, fruit juice, flavored syrup and so on. In addition, it is also used in cocktails, mixed drink. When my friend took me to a cafe, she recommend me black tea with vodka. It was perfect in winter time.


Vodka is called "wódka" in Polish. "Woda" means water and "wódka" means "little water". It sounds cute! But this little water has 40% of alcohol in average. It is made by distilling the liquid from grains such as rye, wheat, barley, potatoes and fruits. You can see so many kinds of vodka at supermarket. Vodka is used as cold medicine from a long time ago. If you get drunk easily, it will get worse. Try at your own risk!

Satake developed machinery to process grain, cereal and etc. We contribute people to enjoy alcohol all around the world.

How about going to Poland in a frigid cold winter to drink vodka after the coronavirus pandemic ends? Please say cheers in Polish. Na zdrowie! (Nah zdrov-e-yay)